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Nov. 06.

Sexy Makeup: Authentic Swagger

Sexy Makeup…think about it. How sexy are you or your makeup without the proper attitude…..or the right amount of swagger?? How sexy would Lauren Hutton be without her persona? How about Tilda Swinton? Helen Mirren? Confidence is sexy. Authenticity is sexy. Sexiness is in the swagger…the attitude….the  point of view of the individual.

How can authenticity and confidence trump big, luscious lips, and a slamming body? Being present, authentic and confident is irresistible. There is something so amazing about a woman who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. There is beauty and sexiness in the strength and determination of a woman who follows her own path. There is beauty and sexiness about a woman whose confidence comes from experiences. And there is beauty and sexiness in a woman’s authenticity.

So ask yourself: Am I listening to my inner voice? Am I following my path? Am I living authentically? 

Holly Fulger believes that being authentic is sexy

Try this….write down a thought, belief or attitude that you have about yourself. Is it a true fact?  Does it make you happy and fulfilled? Is this belief getting you what you want, need, and deserve? Finally, does holding on to the thought or attitude serve your best interests? You may want to examine the belief, if it is indeed not serving you, and try changing it.

I have found that listening to my inner voice has truly helped me feel far more beautiful and sexy. Listening to my inner voice allowed me to see that having beauty around me and creating beauty were intrinsic to who I was. It took me time to listen to that inner voice and to appreciate how important it was to me. I encourage you to take a little time and begin to listen to your inner voice. You’ll see…..as you begin living more authentically, you’ll start bringing your sexy back.

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