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Nov. 21.

Welcome to the Core Beauty Workshop Website! Your source for Inner and Outer Beauty!

Melissa McNamara and Holly Fulger welcome you to The Core Beauty Workshop Website & Blog!  Insights and information about “beauty from the inside out”.

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Every woman has the right to feel beautiful, and when you examine your core values and put them at the fore front of your life – YOU change… your attitude changes, your perspective changes ~ and so do your looks!

Maybe you’re in a transition in your life ~ maybe you’re just in a transition in your personal style ~ or maybe you just want new information about skin care and the latest makeup trends.  Whatever the case, we want to the be the ones to guide your way!   Updating your values, updating your look, updating your “sexy” factor –  we have 

the scoop on all of the latest makeup trends, skin care research, natural skin care products, and sexy secrets.


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We look forward to getting to know you, and in doing so, you will get to know us.  We will share insights into what it’s like to work with women, and what it’s like dealing with each one’s self esteem and self perception.  We will share customized professional make up techniques and advice, product knowledge, and a forum where everyone can learn from one another.
Here’s a short video from a recent Core Beauty Workshop ~ See what our workshops are all about!


Because of our backgrounds -I’ve been an actress for over 20 years in Los Angeles (possibly the most beauty obsessed place on earth), and Melissa has been a Hollywood makeup artist for over 19 years-we bring our real life experience and professional expertise to you and your specific needs.

We welcome your beauty questions and look forward to your comments. We can’t wait to meet you!!!!!
xx00,  Holly Fulger

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