Holly Fulger believes that beauty comes from the inside
Dec. 11.

Take the First Step for a New Year, New You! Change Your Look and Changing Your Life – how to begin.

New Year, New You:  The end of 2011….for me a year with many challenges.  It’s hard to believe it went so quickly, and yet I am ready to embrace a new year and new possibilities. I encourage all of you reading this to do the same. I love the thought of a “New Year, New You”. It sounds so hopeful and so full of potential. Now it’s time to take the first step and embrace it. You need to take a look inside.

Find a quiet place and get comfortable. Take a few moments to look at 2011…..your accomplishments, your losses, what you want to take with you into the new year and what you want to let go of. Now…ask yourself these questions: What do I need in my life? What is essential to “me”….to who I am? Do I need excitement? Adventure? Security? Family? Beauty? It can be anything, but you need to put some thought into this. This is YOU and this is important. As I searched my soul for what was important to me, I saw that beauty was necessary to who I was. I needed it in my life, whether it was expressed through my clothing, my environment, or my makeup…beauty was important. I also chose joy and prosperity. I see joy as a kind of freedom. Joy has a lightness to it, and it was essential to my life. Prosperity resonates in how I occur in the world and what I want to attract.

Holly Fulger believes beauty starts from the inside

Next, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Think about the values you have chosen that are essential to your life. Are you presenting yourself to the world in a way that includes these values?  Are you communicating the sort of woman you want to be? In our Core Beauty Workshop, we work with our Core Beauty Reflection Cards, to get women to see what it is that’s truly important to them. We believe in beauty from the inside out. It’s what all our workshops are about. Our core values should always inform our choice of how we want the world to see us. Are you communicating the kind of woman you want to be to the world?

Thanks so much for reading! Please send us a comment. We would love to hear from you! Or, you can email me at corebeautyworkshop AT gmail DOT com. We want to be the ones to help you feel as beautiful and sexy as you deserve to feel! We are committed to you and your beauty. And we would LOVE to see you at a Core Beauty Workshop!! 

And remember, if a group class isn’t your style, you can always learn from us in a private setting.  Just email me, Holly, and we’ll talk about what’s best for you.   Email hollyfulger AT gmail DOT com  Or if you’re in Los Angeles, call 323.864.0608 to schedule an appointment.  See you soon!




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