Holly Fulger knows what beauty means
Dec. 13.

New Year, New You: What Does Adventure Look Like?

What does adventure look like? Or prosperity? I spoke previously about looking at your “New Year, New You” transformation from the inside out. Picking out your essential “Core Beauty Values” and using them as you reinvent yourself for the New Year. Now it’s time to look at those values and translate them visually. In our Core Beauty Workshop, we work on transformation all year long. But, the New Year? What a perfect place to start!

Let’s say, for example, that in your search inward, you found that the three “Core Beauty Values” that were essential to you in the New Year were beauty, influence, and adventure. Study those qualities and think about what they mean to you. Beauty…..if it was a color, what color would it be? What is your reaction to the word? Is there anyone you know, or know of, who embodies “beauty”? One of the women who embodies beauty to me is Audrey Hepburn. She is classically beautiful in every sense of the word.

Holly Fulger says ~ Change Your Look and Change Your Life

Holly Fulger knows what beauty means

Let’s try influence. When I think of influence, I think of a powerful woman…..a woman who can walk her talk, who is true to herself, and is strong in who she is. I think Maria Shriver has influence. She is very specific about how she presents herself to the world.

Lastly, take a look at adventure. What is adventure to you? If you were adventurous, how would you be different? When I think of adventure, I think of a woman who has a sort of fearless quality to her. My embodiment of an adventurous woman is Lauren Hutton.

Now here’s the fun part. Taking your “Core Beauty Values” and learning how to incorporate them visually. Beauty, influence, and adventure. Let’s start with beauty. Begin with the classic “Audrey Hepburn” image. A matte foundation will work best. If you’re familiar with the Core Beauty Workshopyou know that we only use Arbonne products. My choice would be the Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation. You will want to create your contouring and your basic eye shape. I use Arbonne’s Bronzer to create perfect contouring.

Now, look at influence and adventure. Influence is strength and specificity. But, how does that translate visually? Be strong in your color choices for blush and eyeshadow. A woman who has influence doesn’t falter in her choices. She has strong opinions and a strong look.

Adventure. If adventure were a lip color, what color would that be? I think, it would be red. If not red, a strong color. A woman who has excitement in her life is not afraid to make a statement. She is a bit fearless. She chooses a color that expresses her lust for life. Now, it’s up to you. Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Take your “Core Beauty Values” and incorporate them into your life.

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And remember, if a group class isn’t your style, you can always learn from us in a private setting.  Just email me, Holly, and we’ll talk about what’s best for you.   Email hollyfulger AT gmail DOT com  Or if you’re in Los Angeles, call 323.864.0608 to schedule an appointment.  See you soon!

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