Holly Fulger is inspired by Jerry Hall
Dec. 26.

Who Is Your Inspiration For Your “New Year New You” Look? You can change your look – but will it lead to changing your life?

Okay….we’re on the countdown for 2012 . Are you looking at what you want to do differently? Are you beginning to visualize yourself next year and get a sense of who you want to be and what you want to project to the world?  I know I certainly am. As I take stock of where I am and where I want to be, I use a tool that works everytime…..inspiration. I look at who inspires me…who I can learn from and model myself after.

Holly Fulger is inspired by Jerry Hall


One of the woman I feel a kinship with in terms of style would be Jerry Hall. From the time I could get my hands on a Vogue magazine, Jerry Hall was always one of my favorite models. Her look was different then most. She had big features, she wasn’t Grace Kelly perfect….but she was stunning. I did a series with Renee Russo (another gorgeous woman) and I remember having dinner with her and asking her if she had ever worked with Jerry Hall. She had and described her as a real girls girl. She told me she could put outfits together with some of the most unconventional pieces of clothing (like inexpensive lingerie), and create a look that was amazing. I loved hearing that. I think Jerry Hall is a real original.

Look at her here. She is in her 50′s, beautiful, and sexier then she ever was. What woman wouldn’t want to be like her?

Who inspires you? Is it someone in the public eye? Perhaps an iconic beauty, like Audrey Hepburn? Or maybe you’re inspired by your mother’s style and presence. Role models are important. They give us context. Take some time and think about someone who can be your inspiration for your “New Year, New You”.

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