Melissa McNamara would love to help you find your look at a Core Beauty Workshop for Teens
Jan. 04.

Teen Makeup: What’s All the Buzz About?

Have you noticed that everywhere you look, there is media coverage, documentaries and articles all debating this topic. There seems to be more and more interest in how young women perceive their role in society and how that translates to the way they project themselves to the world.

Melissa McNamara would love to help you find your look at a Core Beauty Workshop for Teens

Well, I’m here to tell you that most teens I meet all want the same thing.  To be respected as individuals, to have their voice heard, and of course, to look their best. How can we as the older generation support our teens in being their best selves?? How about not “telling” them who they should be, but rather letting them discover for themselves who they really, truly are.

At out Teen Core Beauty Workshops, we help these fabulous young ladies to discover just how beautiful they really are, by utilizing a self-discovery exercise that helps them to fully understand how they are truly perceived in this world. We then guide them through makeup artistry tips and techniques to bring out that inner beauty.

What can you do help your tween or teen feel confident and ready to take on the world? Send her to our next Core Beauty Workshop.

Our next Core Beauty Workshop for Teens:   Saturday, February 25th
                                                      12: 00 pm -4:00 pm    Los Angeles, CA     Tuition is $50.00

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