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Be Sexy at Any Age
Oct. 01.

Staying Sexy at Every Age ~ A Workshop for Women delivers Sexy Makeup, Sexy Moves and Sexy Attitude

Core Beauty Workshop: Staying Sexy at Every Age — Ever notice how after age 40, people expect you to crawl under a rock and disappear? F*ck that. We say you can and will be sexy at 40, at 50, at 60 and at every age if you want to be. This provocative, fun-filled and inspiring day will remind you of exactly how sexy you are, and how to share that with others as you go through life’s inevitable changes. Are you with me on this? Of course you are. Take the course.
Set in a private and beautiful environment, in this course you’ll learn relaxation exercises for greater ease of movement, style advice for your specific body type, fitness and weight-loss tips, super-glamorous makeup tips and hair styles for your favorite looks and lots of ways to keep yourself vivacious, happy and sexy.

Be Sexy at Any Age

Enrollment is very limited, so enroll soon!
Next Sexy at Every Age workshop:
Sunday, November 13th — 11am – 6pm
Los Angeles, CA (Address given after enrollment.)

Tuition: $175 / $150 for early enrollment by Sunday, October 16

Enrollment Options

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Fashion's Night Out 2011 Beverly Hills Makeover Winner Bathshava Chase - Copy - Copy
Sep. 13.

Fashions Night Out 2011: Core Beauty Workshop Ladies Glam It Up for Beverly Hills!

Core Beauty Workshop Team On the Town
Fashion's  Night Out 2011 Beverly Hills Makeover Winner Bathshava  Chase - Copy - Copy

Core Beauty Workshop Winner Batsheva Chase gets a Makeover from Melissa McNamara for Fashions Night Out

Each one of the Core Beauty Workshop Divas rocked a different look that was inspired by a night of runway glamour in posh Beverly Hills.

Our Core Beauty Workshop Winner Batsheva Chase looked ravishing with her sun kissed skin and copper smokey eyes.  I mixed a little liquid bronzer with her foundation to give her that LA tanned glow without the orange-y Snooki fake tan.  She loved her eyes to look dramatic, so I blended dark brown liner on her lid and combined it with a little copper shadow.  Since she loves drama, I added a strip of lashes to complete the look.

Core Beauty Workshop Speaker Dari McKanzie with Bathshava Chase on Rodeo Drive for fashions Night Out in Beverly Hills

Core Beauty Speaker Dari McKenzie and Makeover Winner Batsheva Chase Showing Off Their New Looks at Fashions Night Out

Dari McKenzie, our Core Beauty Workshop Guest Speaker, really wanted to keep things classy, just like her!  I loved the idea of giving her darker eyeliner in the inner rim and smudging in between the lashes, and finish it off with a strip of lashes. (One of my FAVE looks!)

For Holly Fulger, I gave her a cat eye with individual lashes to go with her signature red lip.  She is all about batting those baby blues and what better way to create more focus than plumping up those lashes!  False lashes are a great way to transform your daytime professional look into an instant “I’m ready to hit the town” diva!

As for me, I love a black, smokey eye…  I’m definitely not afraid to pile it on for the sake of beauty!

Fashions Night Out Beverly HIlls 2011 Holly Fulger and Melissa McNamara

Holly Fulger and Melissa McNamara at Prada on Rodeo Drive

I bet you would like to know how to get these looks, wouldn’t you?  The Core Beauty Workshop on September 24th is the answer to all of your beauty questions!  Click here to learn about all of of our upcoming Core Beauty Workshops.

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