Core Beauty Workshops and Coaching ~Beauty from the Inside Out

From Holly Fulger and Melissa McNamara

 The Core Beauty Workshops are a collection of private coaching and educational events to help women of all ages to feel more confident and more beautiful. It’s beauty from the inside out.

Core Beauty Intensive:   

The Core Beauty Intensive is a full day dedicated to giving you the tools you need to rediscover who you are. Utilizing our Core Beauty Reflections process, we will begin the day, steering you to uncover your most authentic you…your “Core beauty Look”.  You will then learn about skin care and non surgical anti-aging options, as we move into your make over, with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Melissa McNamara. Following a light lunch, Beauty Expert and Actress, Holly Fulger, will work with you on wardrobe…helping you to style your look through accessories and clothing. You will leave the event with your own makeup workbook, filled out with your notes from your session, a 10 piece precision brush set (your “tools” of artistry), a skin care regimen sample, and a beautiful bracelet chosen for you, from the Rachel Abroms’ Collection. We will also offer makeup, skin care, accessories, and key wardrobe pieces available for purchase at our Core Beauty Virtual Shopping Center.

Enrollment is very limited, so please reserve your spot soon!
Next Advanced course:  Saturday, March 17th ~ 10:00am – 5:00pm, Los Angeles, CA
(Address given after enrollment)

Tuition:  $150

Core Beauty Intensive ~ March



Core Beauty Workshops for Tweens &Teens:


Girls love makeup and that’s completely natural and fun! But Moms, have you every cringed when your daughter put on too much makeup and tried to leave the house looking ten years older than her actual age? And have you learned that your teen has to hear it from someone other than you that that look just doesn’t get her the attention she was hoping for.  Let us be that “other than you”.

Head a little bit of the teen drama off-at-the-pass with the Core Beauty Workshop For Teens.  Your tween and teen daughters will learn the importance of their self-esteem and honoring their inner beauty with our very effective Core Beauty Reflections process. We’ll teach them the basics of natural skin care and the best minimal makeup looks for their every day look.   And we will show them the difference between the best look for daytime and how to highlight their best features more naturally.  If your girl is a glamour girl, we’ll make sure she has a few new makeup skills for the glamorous “red carpet” moments in her life, but always leading with her self esteem first.

Next Core Beauty Workshop for Teens To Be Announced
Los Angeles, CA
Tuition:  $50 (discounts for numerous teens from same family)

Enrollment Options


Each workshop listed below can also be experienced as a private coaching session, or series of private sessions.  We conduct private coaching in Style, Beauty, Makeup Techniques and Staying Sexy at Every Age.
Email hollyfulger AT gmail DOT com for more information on private coaching sessions.

You’re generous that way, aren’t you?  Good for you.  Below you can purchase gift certificates for any of our workshops, skin care and cosmetic products.    Just use the buttons below!  Whomever you are buying for is one lucky girl! :-) Core Beauty Workshop Gift Certificates:   Know someone who wants to take one of our workshops, and would love to be gifted the opportunity to attend?   Just click here, choose the dollar amount you want to give, and your gift certificate will generate right on screen.
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