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Core Beauty Workshops Logo Holly Fulger
Nov. 21.

Welcome to the Core Beauty Workshop Website! Your source for Inner and Outer Beauty!

Melissa McNamara and Holly Fulger welcome you to The Core Beauty Workshop Website & Blog!  Insights and information about “beauty from the inside out”.

Click here to read about our Inner Beauty coaching, our courses and our free makeovers!

Every woman has the right to feel beautiful, and when you examine your core values and put them at the fore front of your life – YOU change… your attitude changes, your perspective changes ~ and so do your looks!

Maybe you’re in a transition in your life ~ maybe you’re just in a transition in your personal style ~ or maybe you just want new information about skin care and the latest makeup trends.  Whatever the case, we want to the be the ones to guide your way!   Updating your values, updating your look, updating your “sexy” factor –  we have  (more…)

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Holly Fulger, Natural Skin Care Products, Inner Beauty, Sexy Makeup, Arbonne Consultant
Nov. 06.

Sexy Makeup: Authentic Swagger

Sexy Makeup…think about it. How sexy are you or your makeup without the proper attitude…..or the right amount of swagger?? How sexy would Lauren Hutton be without her persona? How about Tilda Swinton? Helen Mirren? Confidence is sexy. Authenticity is sexy. Sexiness is in the swagger…the attitude….the  point of view of the individual.

How can authenticity and confidence trump big, luscious lips, and a slamming body? Being present, authentic and confident is irresistible. There is something so amazing about a woman who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. There is beauty and sexiness in the strength and determination of a woman who follows her own path. There is beauty and sexiness about a woman whose confidence comes from experiences. And there is beauty and sexiness in a woman’s authenticity.

So ask yourself: Am I listening to my inner voice? Am I following my path? Am I living authentically?  (more…)

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Holly Fulger, Natural Skin Care Products, Inner Beauty, Sexy Makeup, Arbonne Consultant
Oct. 25.

Luscious Lips are Important for Sexy Makeup

Sexy makeup and lips. Did you know that lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body? According to a study, a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body, especially if she’s wearing red lipstick (yay for the red lipstick….my favorite!!).

Get this….scientist Dr. Geoff Beattie found that in the ten seconds after meeting a woman for the first time, the average man will spend more then half his time gazing at her mouth. If she’s applied lipstick, he’ll find it difficult to look away……pink holding his attention for 6.7 seconds, red keeping him fixated for 7.3 seconds. He also went on to say that even though full, red lips combined to deliver the perfect pout to achieve male fixation, women who simply wear lipstick, regardless of their lip type, secure significantly greater levels of attraction than those who do not.

So ladies….let’s practice our pouts.  Read on for a few of our special “Luscious Lips” techniques just for you!  (more…)

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Holly Fulger, Natural Skin Care Products, Inner Beauty, Sexy Makeup, Arbonne Consultant
Oct. 22.

Sexy Makeup Begins With the Skin ~ Skin Rejuvenation with Natural Skin Care Products

Sexy Makeup is great, and yet, I believe that skin rejuvenation is one of the most important parts to your overall beauty and your sexiness. Luckily, skin rejuvenation with natural skin care products is completely attainable.

If your skin isn’t in good shape, makeup can only do so much. It is imperative to start skin rejuvenation with healthy, beautiful skin. An excellent skin care regimen will be one of the best investments you can make.  And ladies…..don’t skimp on quality here. You need to get educated about skin care and begin reading labels. Natural skin care products get better results.  Always remember, you are what you absorb. In other words, what you put on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream. Start to understand that what’s in natural skin care products is really good for you…. because healthy is sexy too!

The Core Beauty Workshop uses only Arbonne products. Arbonne products are Vegan certified and (more…)

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New Year New You
Oct. 17.

Workshops for Women: Core Beauty Workshop’s “New Year, New You!” A change in your look can lead to changing your life.

New Year, New You!

The Core Beauty Workshop’s “New Year, New You”
 is a full-day dedicated to you and your future.  Get the jump on the new year!

This day we are dedicated to giving you the tools for reflection on the year and renewal for the year to come.   This is personalized internal and external beauty makeovers leaving you happier, more relaxed and more certain of who you want to be in the new year.

Don’t let another year begin without new skills to create numerous possibilities for your life  and the lives of your loved ones!

Advance enrollment for New Year New You is only $75! 


Just some of the things you’ll experience:   

  1. Our Core Beauty Reflections Process
  2. Meditation to make peace with the past and focus you on your future
  3. Inspiring life planning tools
  4. Style tips
  5. Interactive sessions that will improve your communication with yourself and others
  6. Personalized makeup guidance for business, holidays, daily life – whichever you prefer … and so much more.
Face to Face time with experienced guest facilitators to guide you through the day, you’ll feel like you’re in the best hands possible for making real and lasting change in your life.
Celebrity Hairstylist Billy Lowe and Celebrity Makeup Artist Melissa McNamara will help you choose new looks that are current, but also compliment who YOU really are.

Don’t you crave that kind of focus and direction?!

Give this gift to yourself now!

Core Beauty Workshop’s Advanced Course: “New Year, New You”
Saturday, January 28, 2012~ 10:00am – 5:00pm
Culver City, CA

Tuition:  $75   Space is limited, so enroll early! 

Enrollment is limited, so call us to reserve your spot soon!  Call 323-864-0608
(Pre-requisite: Core Beauty Workshop Introductory Course  ~ or ~ Initial Private Coaching Session)


New Year New You with Billy Lowe, Melissa McNamara, Holly Fulger New Year workshop

Join us on January 28!

Face to Face photo credit: Luigi Diamanti

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Holly Fulger teaches "Sexy at Every Age"
Oct. 07.

Are you choosing your sexiest makeup colors for your sexy makeup palette?

Sexy Makeup:  Do you know that your choice in makeup colors can make you sexier? It’s true!  How you express yourself in terms of color is essential to your overall sensual self expression.  And this is not about seasonal color analysis (remember when we would try to figure out if we were a Fall or a Winter??). This is about picking colors that help express your Core Beauty Values. Expressing your authentic self is one of the sexiest things you can do.  And…..you can enhance it with color.

Holly Fulger teaches "Sexy at Every Age"

Let me give you an example. I spent the majority of my 30’s and 40’s trying to convince everyone that I was younger then I really was. I was an actress. I was really good at playing the goofy, girlish friend. I did a series called “Anything But Love” for three years and I played Jamie Lee Curtis’s best friend, Robin. I think I am actually a little older then Jamie; if not older, then the same age. Everyone thought that I was the youngest in the cast. Of course I did nothing to dispel this. I loved that I was seen as “the young one”.  Being girlish embodies a lightness.

If girlishness has a color it would certainly be pink…or possibly lilac; nothing in the deeper more primary colors. Being a girl, you’re a color made from mixing two colors together. I loved being girlish, with that ephemeral quality.

But, as I got older, I found myself not fitting into this girlish persona quite so easily. For one thing, I was REALLY no longer a girl, and for another, as an actress, I could no longer play the goofy, girl next door. I was now playing a mom, an auntie, or an abused woman (believe me when I tell you that the roles for women over 40 and 50 are pretty lame. I do believe that things are changing a bit, however, the change is slow). I began looking at myself and at what I was presenting to the world. Who was I authentically?

I had recently started The Core Beauty Workshops, and I wanted people to take me seriously. In terms of my makeup, I decided to make bolder choices. I could go a little bit smokier with the smokey eye….possibly a little blacker and a bit more smudged. As an actress, your concern is always, “am I marketable?” I was tired of always worrying if I looked okay. I wanted to make a statement.  So…..I started to wear red lipstick. Yes, RED! A strong, primary color. Not pink. It changed my whole look! Red is a color a woman would wear. A sexy, authentic woman.

Which lip color makes you feel sexiest?
Which eye makeup look is your personal sexiest?

Leave your comments in the section below, or you can email me at corebeautyworkshop AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks for reading!  I’d love  to help you feel as beautiful and sexy as you deserve to feel!

Read more about the course “Sexy at Every Age” and let us help you bring your own sexy back.


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Natural Skin Care Products, Sexy Makeup
Oct. 02.

Feeling Sexy at Any Age ~ Sexy Makeup Helps Make it Happen

Sexy Makeup:  How many of us question our beauty? Our sexuality? Our ability to project our sensual wholeness to the world….both outwardly and inwardly? I know I question my beauty and sexuality all the time.

What if I told you it is possible to feel sexier on the inside first – and that feeling sexier on the inside will make your personal approach to sexy makeup easier, more fun and bring you a sexy makeup look that is uniquely YOURS?
Now THAT’s sexy. 

I am Holly Fulger and, along with Melissa McNamara, I founded
The Core Beauty Workshops.  If you’ve been reading our blog and our Facebook page, then you know – We help women discover their beauty from the inside out.

Since Melissa and I launched our business, we have been adding to our curriculum. My latest signature class/workshop is a

Holy Fulger teaches "Sexy at Every Age"

course that focuses on getting each woman in touch with her sexiest self, a day of education called “Sexy at Every Age”.  It is a class designed to zero in on your sensuality and bring it up to the surface so you can have some sexy fun at every age!

Through much research and evaluation, I have come up with a guideline called “The 9 Elements of Sensuality”.   These are elements that every woman needs in her life to break through those barriers that hold her back from her power as a viable, sexy woman. Believe me, unleashing your power in this way will change your life.

This blog post is the first in my series of blog posts on this subject, and I’d love to hear from you about this!

Here are a few of questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you feel sexy out there in the world?
  • Are you in touch with what it is that makes you feel that… or would make you feel sexy if you added it to your life?
  • At this time in your life, where do you go to learn how to create your sexy makeup looks?

Leave your personal answers in the comments section below, or if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can send them to me by email at corebeautyworkshop AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks for reading!  We want to be the ones to help you feel as beautiful and sexy as you deserve to feel!

Read more about the course “Sexy at Every Age” and let us help you bring your own sexy back.



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